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Мир нашим крышам.

Мир нашим крышам.
Sexy grrrrl.

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Дыр у Джей Энн

Мир нашим крышам.

Hello! Oh beautiful girl of spring

I feel between us magic link

That is connecting our hearts

Without fortune-telling cards

And using that enchanting tie

You’ll hear any words of mine

I congratulate you, my princess

I pray you take my loving bless

I hope you be as usual smart

Be lucky, funny and always smile

Your rear always be resilient

Your beauty multiplied by million

I throw from miles a tender kiss

I hope I’ll see you soon, my miss.

And learn a flavour of your lips.

Your harsh and rude and distant prince.

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Ic lufu thaet Encyclopaedia Dramatica

Мир нашим крышам.

Kings don't make knights. Actions do.

Мир нашим крышам.
"Kings don't make knights. Actions do."

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Hello! Dip into my world and enjoy it.

Мир нашим крышам.
I must previously say, if didn't earlier, that I adore movies.

It's my quirk.

To understand what I love, and what I'm always ready to share in every time of a day or a night, they should know my favourite cine.

I often use catch-phrases from this or that film in my routine speech.

Of course, I like reading books. But stage directors are wizards who perform a visual magic. They arrange the music, actors, images, settings, gestures, words, feelings - creating something incredible, unbelievable. They play with our thoughts and sympathies, involving us in another story 'bout what they imagine some day and tried to show us.

"Flashbacks of a Fool" is a film, which will be useful to see every once loving or beloved one who knows what parting with their lover is. I think you'll like it.

Dip into my world and enjoy it.

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Or, my angel, bring me back.

Мир нашим крышам.

Back to the time when I was able to distinguish evil and good. Good and evil. And when I exactly knew the right way to the stars, which were spilled in my heart.


I've just re-seen a final fragment of the cult "Flashbacks of a Fool" movie. It always makes me cry.




If you are interested in.


But I must warn you. It'll be better to see all the film from the beginning to the very end. Not run ahead before you can experience the same feeling as I went through.



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Мир нашим крышам.
Гы-гы. lurkmore.ru/Макс_Фрай

Б-же, как я гнусен.

Ну и в пику. Watch your six.

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Мир нашим крышам.
I wish You very gentle dream
So weightless and so madly sweet.
Good. Night. My dearest friend.
And let my prayer be your tent.


Надо сказать, что я страдаю лёгкой степенью паранои. А может наслаждаюсь, кто знает?

Я забиваю все полученные стихи в гугл. Свои тоже. Вдруг я нечаянно стал Папа-троллем? =^_^=

Подарок обязан выглядеть так, как будто на его поиски было затрачено тонна времени и/или усилий.

И почему стесняются указать авторство?

Вскрыла жилы: неостановимо,
Невосстановимо хлещет жизнь.
Подставляйте миски и тарелки!
Всякая тарелка будет - мелкой,
Миска - плоской.

Через край - и мимо
В землю черную, питать тростник.
Невозвратно, неостановимо,
Невосстановимо хлещет стих.
© Марина Цветаева.
Я даже выучил комбинацию Alt + 0169. Только за это. Давным-овно.

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New letter for you. Life happens, keep smiling.

Мир нашим крышам.
Hi there, sweetie!

Those damned days I fought with aliens. Although we have no laser-blades there or grenades or what else. Just my old-kind-revolver. He revolves all my problems. Anytime every man needs a little friend who could solve six troubles a minute. And you, my fascinating girl. You make me believe in humanity.

No, seriously. What happened next in your real-time in your universe? There is snowstorm raging everywhere. Wait, I’ll just give a look... yep, that’s right. It’s finished. Snow-cover is sooo beautiful, believe me. Today is one hundred and twelve days exactly since when evil fate drove me away from you. (That’s Russian saying “evil fate” when speaking about departure). Imagine that – 111 nights without you. These days I always think about you, and all the thoughts were pure like infant’s tear. Or almost every – that is the same. You are my princess, at least for ever.

To-day I want you to ask if you have seen the New Moon. How’s it? How’s Edward. I heard he is soooo quite, sooo kawaii!!!!!!!!!!!11111oneoneone

Did you down-load co-related books a-board? Suppose yes, so I did it. When I have enough time to read it we could discuss the theme and the setting and the plot. But now, in the moment I read a book devoted Caesar. Did you know that his name we could pronounce in old-school style like “kai-sar”, or in classical variant of Latin – “tze-zar”. Of course you did, my charming book-eating cutie. =^_^= You are to blame me for that rudeness. Oh, I’m humbly begging Your pardon my bewitching dauphine.

So Russian is more like Latin, so it’s unusual to hear something like “si-ze”. Oh Ma Fukin Gut!

Heh, learn a lot of German curses or swearwords. Exempli gratia:

“Du hast ein grosses Maul” something like [Du ha-st a-in grOs-ses ma-ul]

Approximate meaning is «SHUT UP, BITCH». But it’s very rough interpretation, ‘cause Ger->Rus->Eng is like broken phone. Did you? play such a game. If did, I hope need no explanation the “rulz” and the “sors”.

In-variable and ever-present but use-less, un-necessary and need-less point of the letter around my feelings. I won’t write that I dream ‘bout the warmness of your lips or astounding smell of your really delicate neck, that is good of you, I mean neck. I become crazy ‘bout you, I want to be near you, indeed. I hope you too, if not it’s ok. Unanswered love gives a birth to a lot of torch songs. I like films, but more than that, I like movies with such an end. Like... Sweet November. Not of the same type, but still.

But stop to blue. I like the life, because YOU are my life. Kiss your eyelashes, that is so romantic to my mind, in my imagination. Hold your hand and whisper in little dear ear how I strongly love you.

Your R.
Eternally enamoured one who is always in love with.

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How things are?

Мир нашим крышам.
Hi, my little very-very-very warm sun.

Your letters inspire me and make more happy. That's my turn to apologize. There is so few not-so-cold days to do something in the open air. Right now I'm terribly busy in building ma rooooooom inda haus )) Shortly saying it's an outhouse. I try to enlarge my living space for myself and by myself. It'll be second-floor-glass-tower. Very high and very tough. I hope you believe, that I’m a kinda tough guy, even if I'm not.))

Hey I’m ok, but it's not a word to describe: too short, too vague. To say ok means say nothing at all. Really. Yourself? Yep, you mean something like «I am on plush», «live in clover» or «live like a fighting cock» or even «at rack and manger».

No no no. Where is my little cute lady? You said that didn't feel unhappy in my absence and enjoy yourself with your friends (ma Aloha to all of them, esp. to girls). I admit that those don't sound very friendly, but what a hell !!! You are damned right! Life continues, let's «play the field». You know what I mean.

Letters, envelopes, post-stamps and ma terrible handwriting - it's all wiill bee yours. Really. When I find your address. Oh, men, they (sorr... WE, of course) are so forgetful and absent-minded. Nevar remember your date of birth and other VERY important things. Oh I so want to be your husband to see what you will do with me. Hey, that’s not a bad idea. Except one moment, I’m not so malicious to ruin your life. Hope you find your half-heart. You know the story, that people are just halves who lost each other some time and are always trying to find and reunion.

Oh, it’s so romantic. I like this idea. I found you seriously beautiful girl, like a spring gentle flower. We have some in Russia. They are like stars on the earth, covered with snow. And... but stop talking ‘bout U. I’m about snow. When white flies come, I get a lot of time. And will heap you up with whatever you want, letters, figures, pictures and other stuff.

I love you and steal your kiss. I know, when we were seeing last time you want me to kiss you. But I didn’t. It will be dishonestly, especially if we have very few chances to see each other again. Everything we have to do – just to be good pen-friend.

Keep warm. I send you some my cordiality to resist winter's coldness.

See you later. In some reincarnation. R. 心

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Праздник копипасты.

Мир нашим крышам.
Being a witness. Lots of young people go to court as witnesses. So don’t feel that you’re alone. It’s not always easy to do something for the first time. But many young people feel better about going to court if they know what to expect beforehand.
And so on

Bod yn dyst. Mae llawer o bobl ifanc yn mynd i’r llys fel tystion. Felly paid teimlo dy fod ar ben dy hun. Dydy hi byth yn hawdd gwneud rhywbeth am y tro cyntaf. Ond mae llawer o bobl ifanc yn teimlo’n well ynglyn â mynd i’r llys os ydyn nhw’n gwybod beth i’w ddisgwyl ymlaen llaw.
Mae'r yr ddweud

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Мир нашим крышам.
Beauty lies in lover's eyes.

Красота — в глазах любящего.

to lie — 1) лгать, обманывать; 2) находиться, заключаться (в чём-л.)

lie in one's teeth (или throat)) нагло, бесстыдно лгать, лгать прямо в глаза [выражение lie in one's throat популяризировано Шекспиром]
Sir Toby: "...thou liest in thy throat; that is not the matter I challenge thee for." (W. Shakespeare, ‘Twelfth Night’, act III, sc. 4)
— Сэр Тоби: "...ты нагло лжёшь: я тебя вовсе не за это вызываю."

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Зацепило, потащило.

Мир нашим крышам.
— “What is puppy love?”
— “It’s the beginning of a dog’s life.”

— “I, too, had an ideal once.”
— “How did you come to lose it?”
— “I married it.”

other over 9000 jokes

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Teh Pun - Каламбур.

Мир нашим крышам.
1. I wondered why the baseball was getting bigger. Then it hit me.
2. Did you hear about the guy whose whole left side was cut off? He's all right now.
5. There was a sign on the lawn at a drug re-hab center that said 'Keep off the Grass'.
9. A hole has been found in the nudist camp wall. The police are looking into it.
11. There was once a cross-eyed teacher who couldn't control his pupils.

16. Time flies like an arrow. Fruit flies like a banana.

Если кто-то что-то не понял, спрашивайте у меня. Я не понял тоже, но что-нибудь придумаю.))

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