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Do it wrong! Top 50 usual suspects i.e. mistakes.

Мир нашим крышам.
Just easy listening undeground another test on grammar-nazism
Choose your destiny the correct spelling.
Below-average user will get only 6. Average - 15. The superior speller will do well on the first 40. 50 gets with lucking dictionary. Note: words are listed in order of difficulty.

In keeping with our theme of editing, we have included two editing tests for our readers. The first involves spelling, and the second involves proofreading. A good dictionary or even a spell checker on the computer can prevent the writer from misspelling a word. However, the proofreader isn't so lucky. Despite the new technology, proofreading terms and the methods used in marking manuscripts remain the same. We have included the standard proofreader's marks used by authors and editors to help you in "correcting the errors" on the next page. Good luck on both!
The 50 words in this test are among the most frequently misspelled words in English. What's more, these words are usually misspelled the same way by everyone.
Can you spell the top 50?
Choose the correct spelling, a or b, for each word in the list below.
A below-average speller will get only 6 of the 50 right. The average speller will feel certain about the first 15 but have an even chance of being right on the rest. The superior speller will do well on the first 40 and after that will be wrong half the time. The perfect or near-perfect speller will know how to spell all 50 words. Words are listed in order of difficulty.
1. (a) grammer (b) grammar
2. (a) arguement (b) argument
3. (a) supprise (b) surprise
4. (a) achieve (b) acheive
5. (a) annoint (b) anoint
6. (a) definately (b) definitely
7. (a) separate (b) seperate
8. (a) desirable (b) desireable
9. (a) developement (b) development
10. (a) existence (b) existance
11. (a) pronounciation (b) pronunciation
12. (a) occasion (b) occassion
13. (a) assistant (b) assisstant
14. (a) repitition (b) repetition
15. (a) privilege (b) priviledge
16. (a) dependant (b) dependent
17. (a) irresistible (b) irresistable
18. (a) consensus (b) concensus
19. (a) accommodate (b) accomodate
20. (a) occurence (b) occurrence
21. (a) concience (b) conscience
22. (a) commitment (b) committment
23. (a) embarrass (b) embarass
24. (a) indispensible (b) indispensable
25. [a) allotted (b) alotted
26. (a) liason (b) liaison
27. (a) proceed (b) precede
28. (a) harrass (b) harass
29. (a] perseverance (h) perseverence
30. (a) ecstacy (b) ecstasy
31. (a) antiquated (b) antequated
32. (a) insistent (b) insistant
33. (a] exhillarate (b) exhilarate
34. (a) vacuum (b) vaccuum
35. (a) ridiculous (b) rediculous
36. (a) nickel (b) nickle
37. (a) oscilate (b) oscillate
38. (a) tyrannous (b) tyranous
39. (a) drunkenness (b) drunkeness
40. (a) dissention (b) dissension
41. (a) connoiseur (b) connoisseur
42. (a) sacreligious (b) sacrilegious
43. (a) battalion (b) batallion
44. (a) prerogative (b) perogative
45. (a) iridescent (b) irridescent
46. (a) inadvertent (b) inadvertant
47. (a) geneology (b) genealogy
48. (a) villify (b) vilify
49. (a) innoculate (b) inoculate
50. (a) dilettante (b) dilletante

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making friends with alcohol
ты мне с самого утра выключил голову, спасибо, а то я не знала как это сделать